Toe nail trim specials

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Overgrown or Torn Toenails:

Overgrown toenails are common in dogs because most dogs do not get enough activity to keep their nails down to a healthy length. It's important for nails to be trimmed regularly to keep them in good condition. When nails are overgrown, they could break, split, tear, cause pain and be open to infections. Toenails can easily get snagged in carpet. When a dog tries to dislodge its nail, it might pull too hard and tear it. In this situation you will usually notice blood and your dog will limp or cry.

Like human nails, cats nails can sometimes become ingrown. The nail will grow curved into the pad of the paw causing pain. Although rare, felines can sometimes pick up infections in their claws. A cat will mainly pick up an infection if they already have some trauma in the claw and then walks on something that has a germ.

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