Sentinel Spectrum and Rebate offer

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"Your loyal companion deserves a loyal protector."    Sentinel Spectrum

Introducing an improved heartworm protection. Sentinel Spectrum is a beef and bacon soft chew. In addition to preventing heartworm disease, it helps prevent and control flea populations, removes and control whipworms, roundworms, hookworm and now it now treats and controls tapeworms.

Tapeworms can be passed to dogs from infected fleas, lice, rabbits and small rodents. Many dogs, even with heavy infestations, may not show signs of any infections. The most common sign of a tapeworm infection is itching around the anus. Some dogs may have weight loss, diarrhea or a dull coat.

Wyandotte Animal Hospital highly recommends year round prevention.  Novartis Animal Health offers a $10 rebate by mail when you purchase 6 doses for the same pet. As an added incentive to keep your pet on year round prevention, Novartis will give you a $50 rebate by mail when you purchase 12 month supply for the same pet.